Paintball helping charities

Step 1. Submit your Request

Charity Paintball Tickets can be used by any not-for-profit organisation as the perfect fundraising tool. To receive tickets you can submit a request to:

Email us: here
Phone: 1300 441 558

Charity Paintball

PO Box 146

Wickham NSW, 2293

Upon receipt of your request we will discuss your fundraising needs and cover exactly how the tickets can be used to raise funds for your organisation.

Step 2. Maximise the value of your tickets

You are free to use the Charity Paintball Tickets as you see fit, however a few suggestions from other charities include; as prizes in raffles and auctions, as a high-value product that can be sold on for a profit, as a gift to hard-working supporters or as the cheapest and best way to play paintball in Australia.

In 2009 a fundraising event was undertaken in the UK with Charity Paintball Tickets from our London office. Incredibly one book of tickets sold for over £2500 – the fundraising possibilities are endless!

As a gift donation from Charity Paintball, you are free to retain 100% of the profits from the sale / raffle of the tickets.

Step 3. Contact us to book your game day

After the lucky recipients have received their tickets all they need to do is call our booking office on 1300 441 558 to organise their game day.

When they call, they will be required to pay for each player’s first 100 paintballs at $20 per player. Paintballs are not included in the price of the Charity Paintball Tickets.