Your safety is our paramount concern!

All CAPBA-approved centres offer the very latest US-Spec Full Head Protection Goggle Systems to ensure the safety of all players.

It is widely accepted in Health & Safety circles that paintball players should be equipped with full head protection (not just face/temple protection). Despite this, many paintball operators have not yet switched over to these safer and more comfortable goggles, and still use old-fashioned goggles that provide no protection to the top and back of the head. All CAPBA-approved centres place a premium importance on your safety – we only accept the best.

Our full head protection goggles allow you to enjoy your day in greater comfort and safety than ever before. These well-ventilated goggles come complete with anti-fog lenses ensuring you’ll always have perfect visibility in the heat of battle.

On arrival all players will be handed a pair of full-length camouflage overalls. These overalls have been custom-made to ensure you not only look the part, but also you are comfortable and safe.

The camouflage overalls come complete with a padded protective collar for added comfort and safety and a fast release leg system to allow you to easily get in and out of the suit. Available in a range of sizes, these body suits are included in all packages.

Let our full-length body suit take all the blows and enable your civilian clothing underneath to stay clean and paintball-free, which is particularly handy if you’re heading out to a bar, café or restaurant straight after your paintball adventure.

Every measure has been taken to ensure your safety and protection, enabling you to enjoy your paintball experience even more!

All camouflage overalls are now fitted with a protective padded collar, eliminating those potentially painful shots to the neck. When combined with our full head protection goggles, you are provided with complete protection to the neck and head.

The padded collars are yet another safety initiative aimed at making paintball a sport that can be played and enjoyed by players of all ages.

Do you want to play paintball but you fear the incoming paintballs? Well we have the answer for you! All CAPBA-approved centres now supply the latest in custom-designed paintball body armour to all players entirely free of charge, allowing you to enjoy your day in complete comfort and safety.

This impressive design now reduces the impact of paintballs to your upper torso, giving you the confidence you need to storm the bunker, eliminate the enemy and free the hostages!

The ‘suit’ comprises of multiple rigid plastic plates contained within a flexible skin. The protective plates and flexible skin are completely ventilated to avoid a build up of body heat.

This essential piece of new equipment now gives confidence to those who were too shy to previously play paintball.

All players will receive the impressive 0.68 calibre Inferno Machine Gun on their day out, ensuring you go into battle with confidence.

The Inferno is a rapid, well-finished semi-automatic gun that allows all players to play with a fast-firing paintball marker that is lightweight and reliable during the heat of combat.

Sculpted out of burnished metal, each gun is lovingly maintained by our team of gunsmiths who are proud of their work, and proud to share these amazing firearms with you.

The comfortable design means you can move around the fields to execute your strategy and easily pick off the enemy one-by-one. Whether you are a one-shot one-kill type of sniper or a shoot-at-everything-that-moves commando, we’re sure you’ll find that this gun will satisfy your paintball needs.

On your next paintball mission make sure you stock up your ammunition pack to ensure you never run dry in the heat of battle.

These packs are available to all players and can carry an additional 400 paintballs, which is ideal for those scenarios where you need to assassinate the President or storm the fort and eliminate the enemy. For those players who are a little more trigger-happy than others, then this is the essential piece of equipment for your paintball adventure!

The quick reloading ammunition pack is just another initiative designed to make your day of outdoor action the perfect paintball experience.